Cori, the app that simplifies diabetes care

  • Cori is an app that helps people with diabetes regain control and continue to improve day by day.
  • The launch of Cori is planned for the end of 2021. Until then users can participate for free in the public beta.

After more than a year of work, Chubby Apps has launched the Cori public beta. An app that helps people with diabetes regain control and continue to improve day by day.

Cori was born during COVID-19 home confinement in March 2020 out of personal need from Asier G. Morato, diabetic and co-founder of Chubby Apps. “Diabetes is a long-distance race in which it is very important to have good control every day. If it is normal, it is already an arduous task, with the stress and sedentary lifestyle of home confinement, everything became more difficult ”, he assured.

“Today we have sensors that measure glucose continuously 24 hours a day, but all these data are useless if you do not know how to interpret them. At that time, doctors were saturated responding to the pandemic and there was no app to help you understand that data. That’s when we launched ourselves to create Cori ”affirmed Asier G. Morato.

At Chubby Apps we believe that technology has to be simple, accessible, and, above all, improve people’s lives,” said Patricia Bedoya, co-founder of the company. “With Cori we want to create an app that helps you see beyond the day to day, that encourages you to continue improving.”

For this Cori has characteristics such as:

  • A treatment diary (glucose, meals, medication…) to which you can add data by scanning your glucose measurement sensor with your smartphone.
  • Widgets that show all the data in an understandable way so that you can analyze the evolution of your diabetes.
  • A gamification system with achievements and objectives that encourages you to keep improving.
  • All this without the need for an instruction manual and respecting the privacy of the user.

Cori’s release is scheduled for late 2021 on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac. A version for Android is also planned in the future. Until then users can sign up for free in the public beta over the internet. An early access with which they can test the app before launch and help improve it with their feedback.

About Chubby Apps

Chubby Apps is a software development studio founded in 2020 by Asier G. Morato and Patricia Bedoya. From Vitoria-Gasteiz they create apps that do not need an instruction manual and that improve people’s lives. All this with a very careful design and respecting the privacy of the users.

Since its creation, it has developed apps such as SafeTimer(an altruistic project to help overcome the COVID-19 pandemic), UBIQ or Cori.