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What you Get


    • People who want to know about organizational privacy governance
    • Assess students’ knowledge level in personal privacy management
    • 希望了解组织隐私治理的人士
    • 评估学员在个人隐私治理方面的知识程度


    Welcome to this course. This course aims to provide necessary help and Practice for those who want to master the basic knowledge of privacy, access to privacy related certification, develop and build privacy work in organizations, hoping to help you. The course has been tested by the internal team experience.Some of the mentioned related organizations, certifications and other information are owned by the corresponding intellectual property owners. This quiz is only for learning and practice. Completion of tests and exercises does not promise you to obtain qualifications and certifications.

    [Pay attention to GDPR] Pay attention to GDPR for your real examination  .


    此课程面向哪些人: Candidates who are preparing to take part in IAPP CIPM will get some references. People who learn and build the basic knowledge of enterprise privacy 准备参加IAPP CIPM的考生会获得一些参考 学习和构建企业隐私基础知识的人士

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